Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where is that darn paper?

Where is the world is that paper I purchased last week? I waste time looking, and looking and looking - and getting increasingly frustrated - and making a mess in the process. After a while I no longer feeling creative!

Because paper comes in hundreds of colours, patterns, textures and weight, it's important to have a system for organizing those papers that make sense to you.
Here's how I organize my papers.

1. Cardstock:
Solid coloured cardstock is sorted and grouped using the "ROYGBIV" rainbow order.
R: Red
O: Orange
Y: Yellow
G: Green
B: Blue
I: Indigo
V: Violet
Black, gray, white, cream, browns and tans are filed to the front (or the back) end of the filing spectrum.

2. Patterned Paper:
Most of the patterned paper is sorted into the following categories:
.Animals or pets
.Dots and stripes
Specialty papers are sorted into: handmade, metallic, mulberry, suede, vellum.

There are other categories but these are the ones I use. All my papers are in a clear 12 by 12 plastic lidded container and stored off the floor. Five years ago, my basement was flooded and I lost everything. Now nothing is on the floor and everything is in waterproof containers. Embellishments, ribbons,etc are put in these containers as well, so searching for coordinating embellishments is a thing of the past.

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