Thursday, August 27, 2009

Challenging/Different Cards

This is a double slider card made with a stamp a bought while I was in British Columbia.

This is also a Split Coast Stamper card and is called a Wiper Card. I'm not sure I like the wiper, but I like the rest of the card. It's also my first Christmas card of the season.

Isn't this card neat. This explosion card was made using the latest "in colours" from Stampin' UP, and when I saw it it immediately captured my attention. I just love cards that are different, and provide me with a bit of a challenge to make. The above cards really should be the second picture, but I don't know all the in's and outs about editing this blog. Anyway, it shows the card when it is open, and exposes the message. Isn't it neat?

Frame cards

This is a technique that I found in Split Coast Stamper and once I mastered the card and wanted to make more and more. The application is endless. My friend in going to so some paper quilling in the frame and I'm excited to see what see will do. Here are a few of the ones I did.This one is a water colour painting using one of the Stampscape stamps. The top one I used Flower Soft which seems the latest rage. I'm not very good at using it yet, but I thought the frame cards was ideal for this 3D technique.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Double bugging....

I was in a quandry about that card making technique. The explanation will follow. In the meantime here are some pictures of tags made using that technique.
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