Monday, February 2, 2015

Button covered frames

I found two wooden frames, covered in paper and painted a horrible colour.  I stripped the paper off and repainted them, and covered the front with buttons.
One is covered with white buttons (some are very old and still have the original thread attached.) and the other with red.

Button covered Picture frames

I love buttons!
I've been working on some new upcycling projects.  I found 2 wooden picture frames covered in patterned paper and painted an awful lime green.
I scrapped off the paper, and repainted the frames white, and then covered them with buttons.  I have a whole stash of buttons that I bought from a lady at a market - all colours and sizes, but mainly browns, blacks and white - some very old.  They were in a mason jar that had the green tinged colour on it, so the jar is probably worth more than the buttons.
I sorted the buttons because I wanted only the white ones.  Than I hot glued them to the front and sides  of the frame and I quite like how it looks. I think you can pick out the really old ones. Some still have the original thread attached.

I have a vintage looking stamp, the image of which I might use to put in the frame.  I have a few other ideas as well.  I'll just have to try then out and see out they look.

The other frame I covered in red/pink buttons in honour of Valentine's Day.  These buttons I bought as I didn't have enough of those colours to cover the frame.

My plan is to fill this one with paper roses.

I think I like the white one better, but I'll reserve judgment until I have them both completed.

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