Saturday, December 6, 2008

Calendar Mouse

I can never find my calendar when I need it. The workspace for my computer is small so there's not much room for anything but the essentials. When I saw these mouse pads, my creative neurons fired. Idea!!! Why put a picture in them when you can stamp an image!!. And - bonus- there's a calendar at your 'mouse tips'. Sorry - I'm known for my puns and weird sense of humour.
They make great stocking stuffers, and gifts for teachers, people you volunteer- or anyone you know that has a computer. I volunteer at the Foot Clinic at Community Care, and this was a gift for the coordinator of the clinic. She absolutely loved it and proudly showed it to all her fellow workers.
I used the "Pick a Petal" and "Stem Sayings" from Stampin' Up to create these unique gifts.

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