Monday, December 8, 2008

How to use peel off stickers in different ways.

Peel off, or outline stickers are available in many colours, halographic effect, transparent, velvet effect, double emboss, matt finish, gloss finish, glitter effect, 3d medallion style and so on.
They cover every occasion, sentiment, design, season, event and event imaginable.
Different ways to use peel offs:
1. Just as they are - this is the most obvious. Just peel off the design and apply straight onto the paper to produce a very simnply BUT flat design. By using different papers, border and corner peel offs, you can produce basic cards.
2. Create 3D embellishments. To do this apply the peel off onto a piece of cards and then cut around the design leaving a 1-2 cm border all around. This embellishment can be applied to your card with a pop up or foam dot.This techniques is especially stunning on vellum - especially with butterflies, flowers and dragonflies.
3. With gel pens: Colour in the design with gel pens. They come in a variety of colours and finishes.
4. On acetate with glass paints/permanent markers: Place peel offs onto acetate and colour in with glass paints/markers to create a stained glass effect. The coloured items can than be trimmed and used in a variety of ways.
5. As stencils with watercolours: Apply some of a watercolour pen onto acetate. Then, with a paint brush, pick up some of the colour and apply across the peel off. When dry, lift up the peel off.
6. As stencils with chalk to create unique backgrounds. Peel off the sticker and place randomly on a white card. Pick up some chalk and apply across peel off. Remove peel off and place on another part of the card and repeat process until background done.
7. With glitter, fine coloured sand and accent beads.
There are many more ways to use this versatile item. How do you use peel offs?

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