Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cuttlebug is history...a friend is grateful

A friend of mine was in a panic.  Her cuttlebug was broken and she didn't know what she was going to do.  She was really traumatized!!   Up to this point I had been unable to persuade her to upgrade to a Big Shot,  nor could I now.So, I finally did it… I gave my Cuttlebug away.
I had tried to sell it a number of times, placing ads in Kijji etc, but there were no takers.So, I finally did it ...I gave my Cuttlebug away!
The machine has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for quite a while now, overpowered and over-shadowed by the versatile, and mega useful Big Shot machine! 
I really don’t know why I held on to it for so long… for some reason, I had an emotional attachment to this tiny and somewhat antiquated embossing and cutting machine. 
Reflecting on the day, I realized that I had used the Cuttlebug very little since the Big Shot arrived! I had moved o n to the grown-up versatile die cutting and embossing machine..
My  friend was very grateful, but I haven't given up trying to persuade her to get the Big One! She  has an emotional attachement to this machine and not yet ready to let go.

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