Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ribbon tying tutorial

If you search online you can find many tutorials, and mine is now one of them. Different people have different techniques of tieing their bows. Though many are the same. Here is how I tie my bows - actually it is the way my mother taught me to tie my shoe  laces.  I found the tutorial on Iina's blog here
You will need ribbon and a layer or card to tie the bow onto, as well some good ribbon scissors. I usually don't cut the ribbon from the spool. I do it at the end, so there is less wasted ribbon at the end.
Slide the ribbon under your cardstock, so the spool part is on the left side.
Cross the ends, so the left one is on the bottom and the right one (spool) is on the top (Unroll as much ribbon as you feel comfortable to work with)
Take the bottom part and cross it over the top part.

And then slide it underneath it.( so you are tieing a knot)

Pull that end down, and the other one up (and turn it over)(the original right end goes up, the left end goes down)

Using your finger hold the center of the knot down, so the ribbon will be nicely and securely tied.

Taking the end pointing down, fold it , as you are for making a bow (you are making a bow afterall :))

Then take the end pointing up, take it to the right side going clock wise and form a loop (as you are tieing a bow) and then thread it through the loop to make the bow. Pull the ends so the ribbon will be secured to the cardstock. The bow may not look like you would like to. But don't panic :)

Take the left end (which is free, not on the spool), turn it over and pull it up.

Pull both ends to decrease and even both loops of the bow.

Using your index fingers pull both loops of the bow, so it gets nicely secured and gets more fluffy.
You can play with it's size until you are satisfied with it's size and look.

When you like how it looks cut the tails of the ribbon, depending how long you would like them to be.

This is how much ribbon I wasted with this method.

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