Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Toothpick that is not a toothpick

I saw the neatest idea in a blog I was perusing (I can't remember which one now).  I have always been frustrated picking up small items to put on my cards, especially if they are sticky.  These embellishments seem to have a mind of their own, and land where they want  to - smearing your meticulously made card with glue.
Now, try this:
Snip the sharp end off a toothpick.  Put a drop of tombow glue on the end of it, and let it dry thoroughly.
I stuck the toothpick in a piece of crate foam until the glue was dry..  Once dry, pick up any small item with the glued end of the toothpick, place item where you want it, release it by holding item with tip of finger, and walla, no gooy mess and the item is where you want it.  Isn't that neat?

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